31 January, 2012

Nearly done with Petcasso project

Just a few details in hard to reach places, and putting the collar back on, and I should be done w/the painting.  Will let it dry really good, clear coat it, and it'll be ready to go back to the AZHS.  Don't really have any pics that show much more at this point.

24 January, 2012

More work on Petcasso 2012

Top Left: one of the metal hang tags from the collar, base coated and drying suspended on a toothpick over a small plastic condiment cup.  (Yup, I repurpose lots of plastic containers before recycling them.)

Bottom Left: The metal collar with gel medium "spikes" (which have since dried clear).  The collar will get some gold metal leaf.  I removed it for painting.  Other parts that hang from the collar are in the little plastic lidded container there, an AZ Humane Society hang tag and a bell and the ring that holds it all together.

Right:  The cat.  I have added more creatures and detail, as well as shading, color, etc. 

These were take a couple of days ago.  I put it all away so the gel medium spikes could have a long time to dry and not be tempting me to work on it prematurely.  As of today I have only the collar and a few creatures to finish painting.  Then it will get a good top coat, a few days to dry, and it'll be done!

21 January, 2012

Painted the cat today

Update to post earlier this month.  Did quite a bit of painting of creatures on Misty's cat sculpture for the PETCASSO event.  Not the best photos, sadly, as there is a lot of subtlety of color that doesn't show.  I will try to get a better pic when it's done.

13 January, 2012


I'm participating in the Arizona Humane Society’s Petcasso, Compassion with Fashion, fundraiser to be held in March 2012.  Local artist Misty Mulleneaux did the metal sculpted cats and dogs that the artists (including me) will paint.  Above (top) is the raw metal cat, roughly life size.  Below it is the cat in progress.  I am working on the base coats and have adhered some gold leaf for what will be a single eye that wraps around the bend in the face.  So yes, this afternoon I am watching paint dry.

To read more about the project, CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY RED BUBBLE PAGE ON IT