24 January, 2012

More work on Petcasso 2012

Top Left: one of the metal hang tags from the collar, base coated and drying suspended on a toothpick over a small plastic condiment cup.  (Yup, I repurpose lots of plastic containers before recycling them.)

Bottom Left: The metal collar with gel medium "spikes" (which have since dried clear).  The collar will get some gold metal leaf.  I removed it for painting.  Other parts that hang from the collar are in the little plastic lidded container there, an AZ Humane Society hang tag and a bell and the ring that holds it all together.

Right:  The cat.  I have added more creatures and detail, as well as shading, color, etc. 

These were take a couple of days ago.  I put it all away so the gel medium spikes could have a long time to dry and not be tempting me to work on it prematurely.  As of today I have only the collar and a few creatures to finish painting.  Then it will get a good top coat, a few days to dry, and it'll be done!