29 March, 2012


 Finished a large painting, "Hen Party," plus two "Alien Boards," earlier this week and posted them on my Red Bubble site  In between painting sessions, it's a framing session, adding hanging hardware and so on.

Click here to see Hen Party on my Red Bubble site

Getting ready for two art shows, making sure I've dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's and have proper hanging and framing supplies for them

Hen Party had been started last fall but I got busy with a show, a commission, and some other things, and it just had to get put aside.  Finally got back to it this spring and am happy with it. It's acrylic paint on a wood panel that is well supported, ("cradled" wood panel).  The sides are painted so won't need a frame, which is good, because a frame for a 3 x 4 ft painting would be expensive.  Not even sure a frame would add to it, it might detract from the modern look of it.

Framed my largest collage and am very pleased with the way it turned out.  ("Too Late for Cheese," which is also on my Red Bubble site.)  This collage is done with my own drawings on paper, as well as acrylic washes and colored pencils.  It looks nice in its plain white matt and simple black and bamboo frame.  The artwork is about 11 x 14 ish, the frame is 16 x 20. I'm going to look into which if any kind of synthetic glass might have the right look and still cut down on the weight of glass-framed pictures.  Not to mention the fragility.  Though the shows I'm doing are local, if I were to ever need to ship a glass framed piece some shows require plastic (plexi) glass anyway.