14 March, 2012

Vast monotonous landscapes and newspaper doodles

Working on a 3rd collage of newspaper doodles adhered to a landscape reminiscent of those we saw while living in Oklahoma for a few years, and enhanced with pretty much any art supply in the house.

Though there aren't a lot of things I miss about OK, I did like the vast, open, empty landscapes that some might call monotonous.  Not sure why I find these beautiful. Even the desert--which I love--seems 'busy' and full compared to the flat or gently rolling sea of grass and occasional trees or distant purplish blue hills.  In summer/fall the coreopsis (tick seed) bloomed in some of these vacant lots and fields even in town, covering it with waving, airy stems supporting yellow orange blooms.  Many people prefer deep woods, tall trees, snow capped peaks.  While I feel those are beautiful, too, for some reason I'm most drawn to the open landscapes.

It's no wonder my landscapes, when I do them, are reminiscent of this.  At any rate, the landscapes that provide backdrops in my paintings or collages are not accidental, even if I'm not consciously thinking about them at the time.  (I tend to work from the subconscious and wonder what it means later.)  I suspect there is some reason I'm drawn to the openness but I just don't know what it is.

Should have an image to upload to my site by the end of the week.  I think I'm done with the collage, but will sleep on it and decide in the morning.  Might also have to press the drawing so it lays perfectly flat in order to photograph it first, though, (would be nice to do that anyway for framing purposes!).