27 April, 2012

Finished two abstract monster paintings today, on the patio, while the weather was still so nice.  

There is a third in early stages, sitting on the easel as part of a Work in Progress display at my art show at Nielsen Design Studios* and perhaps I'll finish that one when the show's over.  

Both of these, (and the undone 3rd), are acrylic palette knife paintings on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.  I enjoyed painting them for the looseness and color, and think that, (even with their dark backgrounds), the bright colors and fun nature of them would brighten up a spot on the wall.  

Viewed up close, the palette knife paintings I do have many layers of colors, and it's fun to just look at an area and see how they interact.  There is just a touch of interference color in these, which is not really appreciable in a photo.  Interference colors kind of "flash" a bit of a hue as the light changes. The effect is subtle; the interference paints do not display strong color, but they can make for interesting effects depending on what's under or around them.

Click on the link-titles to see them larger on my Red Bubble site.

*NDS is at 8801 N. Central, Phoenix, AZ.  Details in my Red Bubble journals about current shows.

As always, (and I get just as tired of saying this as you get of reading it), all of my work is © Cindy Schnackel, and I reserve all rights.  Do not pin my stuff to Pinterest. Thanks.

26 April, 2012

Sketchbooks going on tour

Sketchbook Project Cover, Cindy Schnackel
All images © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved.  Please don't pin them to Pinterest.Thanks. 

The Sketchbook Project books are going on tour now.  I participated in this project. The cover of my sketchbook is above.  I don't keep all the  images online on Red Bubble anymore as they are all on the Arthousecoop site (the project's site). You can read more about it and find links HERE    If you like to draw and doodle, this is a fun project.  There is a wide variety of art submitted.

The books tour quite a few cities:

  • Brooklyn, NY Opening April 14th, 6pm - 10pm
    April 15th-29th, 12-8pm
    Brooklyn Art Library
    103A N. 3rd St
    Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • Chicago, IL
    May 3rd, 3-7pm
    May 4th-5th, 12-4pm
    Hyde Park Art Center
    5020 S. Cornell Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60615
  • Portland, OR
    May 11th, 4-8pm
    May 12th-13th, 1-5pm
    The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel
    1022 SW Stark St
    Portland, OR
  • Vancouver, Canada
    May 15th-16th, 3-7pm
    W2 Media Cafe
    111 W Hastings St.
    Vancouver, BC
  • Los Angeles, CA
    May 25th (opening reception), 7-11pm
    May 26th, 5-9pm
    2147 W. Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Oakland, CA
    June 1st - 20th, 1-5pm daily
    Pop-Up Library

  • Greater Boston Area
    July 6th, 3-7pm
    July 7th-8th, 12-4pm
    25 Exchange Street
    Lynn, MA
  • Portland, ME
    July 12th-14th, 1-5pm daily
    SPACE Gallery
    538 Congress Street
    Portland, ME 04101
  • Toronto, Canada
    July 18th, 3-7pm
    July 19th (opening reception), 6-10pm
    July 20th-22nd, 2-6pm
    The Gladstone Hotel
    1214 Queen St. W
    Toronto, ON

23 April, 2012


Went to a concert at Nielsen Design Studios last night.  The group that played was Try Me Bicycle  We had a great time, the music was wonderful, as was the company and the meal afterwards at Timo, next door.

Nielsen's is where my solo art show is, in the space at the S. end of the building at 8801 N. Central, (Phoenix AZ).  The paintings will be up thru April.

All in all, despite the heat that's creeping up on us this time of year, it was a wonderful weekend!

22 April, 2012

Finished two drawings today

The first, The Big Pet, is done with colored pencils, ballpoint pens, and acrylic wash (transparent, thin layers of paint more like watercolor, but acrylic paint).  12 x 6 in. on sketchbook paper.

Rain is done with black ballpoint pen ink, and Payne's Gray watercolor wash, on sketchbook paper.  It's also 12 x 6 in.

This is what I do in between chores, when for whatever reason I can't work on a painting or be on the computer.  Weekend mornings can be like this, between caring for our (real normal sized) pets, cleaning, and scrounging up something to eat.  Today was pretty productive both on chores and drawing.

20 April, 2012

The Hanging 
Please click title above to see on my art site and/or buy prints, etc!

Finished "The Hanging" yesterday, acrylic on stretched cotton canvas, 18 x 24 in.  I'll be putting this one in a frame as the stretcher bars are not the deep kind.

This was started the week that I was hanging my show and I'm happy to report that no one was standing around offering advice while I hung pics. But, it might've been fun if three giant birds had been there.  (Other than the ones in my artwork.)

This painting is not in the show, it wasn't yet done before it opened.

It is hot outside again.  Any outdoor painting needs to get done before noon or the paint turns to goo in the split second between getting it on the brush and touching the canvas.  So I might be back to miniatures again, soon, unless the mornings stay reasonably cool as they still have been.

Really fascinated by the idea of taking a painting kit somewhere and painting, (like the park), just to see what essentials I really must have with me to do that.

17 April, 2012

Show update

Updated info about my show at Nielsen Design Services' building in my Red Bubble Journal  I posted a photo there of a woman who bought an iphone case from me, based on the Hen Party painting, which is behind us in the pic.

Sold some work, and wonder if I could've sold a number of really small, simply framed inexpensive reprints, and will look into that for another time. 

I was delighted when a little boy walked through the exhibit clucking.  :)

Being indoors was a blessing. The weather was quite windy, and it was sad to see an artist's work damaged by it just as the art walk was getting underway. 

My work will be there, at 8801 N. Central, Phoenix, AZ, in Nielsen Design Services building, through April. (NDS building is the one South of Timo restaurant and bar).

06 April, 2012

Solo show for month of April in Phoenix!

Madonna Hen
Just one of over 20 pieces available at the show.  She's an 8 x 10 acrylic painting on linen canvas board, in a large, ornate, vintage frame with custom finish by me.  This will be in the show; the price is $400.  You can see it and buy prints of it on my Red Bubble site, too: http://www.redbubble.com/people/cschnack/works/7130995-madonna-hen-2

I'm thrilled to be having a solo show throughout April that opens during the area's "2nd Saturday Sunnyslope Art Walk," April 14,  2012, at:

Nielsen Design Studios, 8801 N. Central, Phoenix Arizona

The space is my "old stomping grounds" from when I worked for Mike Nielsen, painting custom faux finishes for his interior designer clientele. Mike's a great business person and visionary.  I am very appreciative of this great opportunity!

Read the details in my Journal here, about the space, the event, and some of my personal 'must see' picks such as an artist who will be showing in the art walk, and a fave restaurant near by:


As far as I know, parking is free, wherever you can find it! In past years my husband and I have attended, and parked on the streets, or we took the bus which is the most convenient way if you can do it. Valley Metro: http://www.valleymetro.org/  The Sunnyslope Transit Center is a short walk from Nielsen's and the heart of the art walk and many routes go there.

The walls at home seem kind of bare now, as nearly all my currently available work is now at this show, with the exception of a few unframed drawings, a couple of paintings in our private collection, and  a few pieces of minature work in the gallery, Willo North, also in Phoenix. http://www.willonorth.com/

Wish me luck, hope I make good sales. The space and events going on there in April should bring in really good traffic. If you're in the area hope you'll stop by.  Thanks!

04 April, 2012

New Hen Phone Cases; sheep sculpture; upcoming shows

Some of the characters in my Hen Party painting are now available on phone cases, possibly only for a limited time depending on whether, or how well, they sell, as I like to keep the focus of my Red Bubble portfolio on artwork.  But some pieces just lend themselves so well to things like this!  I may have to get an iPhone myself.  You can see the phone cases, and tee shirts, that I do have, here: iPhone skins & Tees

This sheep sculpture (left and right view, it's not two sheep), is one of my small works done with Paperclay, which handles much like regular ceramic clay, and air dries.  It's carvable, sandable, and takes paint pretty well.  I did this a few years ago as a gift for my husband.  We both like sheep as well as chickens.  The sheep is about 3" long.  I wanted to keep it rather primitive and basic, and capture the blocky shape of their bodies. Ran across this today while moving stuff around and dusting, and was pleased to be able to get a nice photo of it.  It's not for sale.  Just for fun.

Hopefully, will be participating in two upcoming shows/events, one in April, another in July, in the Phoenix area. Being a rather pragmatic and cynical person, I tend not to say "I'm GOING to be in this show..." until it's official!  More later when I know more, or when I'm there, whichever. ;)

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(All images © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved; please do not pin my work to Pinterest.)