20 April, 2012

The Hanging 
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Finished "The Hanging" yesterday, acrylic on stretched cotton canvas, 18 x 24 in.  I'll be putting this one in a frame as the stretcher bars are not the deep kind.

This was started the week that I was hanging my show and I'm happy to report that no one was standing around offering advice while I hung pics. But, it might've been fun if three giant birds had been there.  (Other than the ones in my artwork.)

This painting is not in the show, it wasn't yet done before it opened.

It is hot outside again.  Any outdoor painting needs to get done before noon or the paint turns to goo in the split second between getting it on the brush and touching the canvas.  So I might be back to miniatures again, soon, unless the mornings stay reasonably cool as they still have been.

Really fascinated by the idea of taking a painting kit somewhere and painting, (like the park), just to see what essentials I really must have with me to do that.