27 April, 2012

Finished two abstract monster paintings today, on the patio, while the weather was still so nice.  

There is a third in early stages, sitting on the easel as part of a Work in Progress display at my art show at Nielsen Design Studios* and perhaps I'll finish that one when the show's over.  

Both of these, (and the undone 3rd), are acrylic palette knife paintings on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.  I enjoyed painting them for the looseness and color, and think that, (even with their dark backgrounds), the bright colors and fun nature of them would brighten up a spot on the wall.  

Viewed up close, the palette knife paintings I do have many layers of colors, and it's fun to just look at an area and see how they interact.  There is just a touch of interference color in these, which is not really appreciable in a photo.  Interference colors kind of "flash" a bit of a hue as the light changes. The effect is subtle; the interference paints do not display strong color, but they can make for interesting effects depending on what's under or around them.

Click on the link-titles to see them larger on my Red Bubble site.

*NDS is at 8801 N. Central, Phoenix, AZ.  Details in my Red Bubble journals about current shows.

As always, (and I get just as tired of saying this as you get of reading it), all of my work is © Cindy Schnackel, and I reserve all rights.  Do not pin my stuff to Pinterest. Thanks.