04 April, 2012

New Hen Phone Cases; sheep sculpture; upcoming shows

Some of the characters in my Hen Party painting are now available on phone cases, possibly only for a limited time depending on whether, or how well, they sell, as I like to keep the focus of my Red Bubble portfolio on artwork.  But some pieces just lend themselves so well to things like this!  I may have to get an iPhone myself.  You can see the phone cases, and tee shirts, that I do have, here: iPhone skins & Tees

This sheep sculpture (left and right view, it's not two sheep), is one of my small works done with Paperclay, which handles much like regular ceramic clay, and air dries.  It's carvable, sandable, and takes paint pretty well.  I did this a few years ago as a gift for my husband.  We both like sheep as well as chickens.  The sheep is about 3" long.  I wanted to keep it rather primitive and basic, and capture the blocky shape of their bodies. Ran across this today while moving stuff around and dusting, and was pleased to be able to get a nice photo of it.  It's not for sale.  Just for fun.

Hopefully, will be participating in two upcoming shows/events, one in April, another in July, in the Phoenix area. Being a rather pragmatic and cynical person, I tend not to say "I'm GOING to be in this show..." until it's official!  More later when I know more, or when I'm there, whichever. ;)

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