02 May, 2012

 Phoenix, Arizona.  High 90s, which will seem "cool" by about June.

A tiny doodle from this week, a piece I'm determined to put into a line of very affordable small works for the next opportunity I have of including things like this along w/my larger and higher priced paintings and drawings.  The idea was inspired by a little boy who asked if I had anything for $15, at my show.  Regrettably, I did not, and thought of the drawers full of doodles at home that, in an inexpensive frame, could sell in that range, but not many galleries want that stuff, so I never prepared it for sale.  Now, I plan to.  I think whenever I can include such things, it's important.  I hated to tell that boy I had nothing for him.

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Taking down my solo show this week at Nielsen Design Studios (8801 N. Central Ave, Phoenix).  Delivered the paintings that sold.

Also, I plan on putting some new stuff in the other gallery I continuously have work in, Willo North, before June's First Friday show. June's show at Willo will be featuring my friend Paul Wilson who's a very innovative artist, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he's been doing lately.

Willo North's website: http://www.willonorth.com/
2811 N. 7th Avenue

I understand Willo's hosting a student art show for the May First Friday event.  When I was there the other day they were hanging it. Saw a really cool ceramic piece of a heart with arteries and chambers, abstracted and very curvy and beautifully made.  Also some very nice night scene paintings, and a series of coffee cups on small square wood pieces. Curator Robrt Pela was there, though the student show is not one of his.  Paul's show is one Robrt is curating, and it was Robrt who asked me to put some of my miniature pieces in the gallery.  (I'm not entirely sure which pieces were student works, especially the cup series, but I guess that will be apparent at the show this Friday!)

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