15 May, 2012

Translating a bird photo into a painting on Red Bubble

The Red Bubble group Solo Exhibitions has a translation project going on right now.  You can see my work in progress on their forum about this project, on Page 25 and Page 26 so far.  I have shown three "WIP's" (work in progress photos) of the one I'm doing, a preliminary sketch, the background texture/color, and one WIP that has progressed quite a bit from there.  I expect the next pic will be the finished work but not sure yet. 

I'm translating Celeste Mookherjee's "Ruffled Feathers" photo, of an egret stepping into the water.  I've put my own twist on it and truly 'translated' it rather than making a faithful reproduction of her image. The translations are done with the photographers' permission, of course, and each of us retains the copyrights to our own work, not the other person's.  This is the second year I've done a translation in Solo's group.  Last year, I did Cardinal, a translation of Vonnie Murfin's photo by the same name.