25 June, 2012

Nestling, digitally tweaked painting on Duralar

 Painted another bird today!  You can see it in full on my Red Bubble page:

Click here to see Nestling

Below is a close up showing detail and textures.

21 June, 2012

Plugging Along, an occasional digitally drawn piece

Drawn very quickly with my mouse, in Photoshop Elements.  Available on Red Bubble as cards, posters, and prints, and on my Blue Canvas site as various products including cases for phones and ipads, etc.  I have not yet fully examined all of Blue Canvases features, and have not had a lot of my work there at any given time, but they do offer a few things that are different.

This piece was inspired by a photo taken by Paul Ramnora, titled "Old ceramic basin full of hot water bottle taps"  It was done with his permission.  It is quite different from his photo, which just goes to show you how the most mundane objects can evoke interest and ideas.  I liked the shape of the hot water taps (plugs?) and saw an eye in the hole.  The drawing only took me a few minutes, but was one of those things I just had to get down before the fleeting thought passed. Thanks so much to Paul for letting me use his photo as inspiration!

Kitchen Studios

How many artists work in their kitchen or living room, somewhere not really set up to be a studio, 
and just sort of live around it?  

I have pretty much done this all my life. When I was a kid I had an old card table in my bedroom for doing "homework," (LOL), but mostly drew pictures there.  Later, my bed was my work table, and I had a combination dropcloth-bedspread. 

Over the years as we've moved around as a married couple, I leaned canvases against whatever would hold them up, in whatever few square feet of space I could occupy.  During one transition thru Minnesota, I leaned canvases up against cardboard moving boxes, and even painted a still life that included a packing box as the base for the otherwise cliche bowl of fruit.

Usually, our dining room is the first casualty of studio-takeover, because we have not sat down to a formal meal at a table in years.  In this case, a tiny breakfast table has become my studio, but it works for painting miniatures.

But I do try to keep the kitchen free to prepare food, most of the time.  

Some of this week's work:

Art images can be seen on my RED BUBBLE SITE

18 June, 2012

Sunday night doodle

Drew this while waiting for my husband to make homemade ice cream...and his ice cream is really good.  It is Cherry chocolate this time.

This is the small low res version, you can see the version for sale as cards on Red Bubble, just click the "Insectivore" title above.

Please don't pin my work to Pinterest. All work © Cindy Schnackel.

15 June, 2012

Finished "Ovine Joy" today...I think!

Doubtful I'll do anything major as far as additional work, but I always like to set a finished painting aside for a day or two to "think on it," before doing a final clear top coat.  Here is the finished image.  You can see it larger and unfettered at Ovine Joy by Cindy Schnackel, on Red Bubble

You can also read about how it was done and see all the Work In Progress pics HERE

All work © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved.  Please don't pin my work to Pinterest. Thank you!

14 June, 2012

Progress in Landscape & Light, Photo-to-painting translation project


Posted a new WIP (work in progress image) in Red Bubble's project, Sojie 16 Landscape and Light translation  (pg. 43 is where the link should take you).  Below is the latest WIP pic of my painting. I hope to have it done tomorrow...just kinda got burnt out on the details tonight and had to put it to bed. Will approach it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

 I have a tentative title for this, Ovine Joy.  Ovine refers to sheep, like bovine is about cattle. 

The photos in the project are translated with permission from the photographers.  The one I'm doing is Sheep Country by Peter Hammer

The painting is 12" high x 16" wide.  I may have written elsewhere that it was 11 x 14 but it's not--I initially thought it was though. These little paintings done indoors tend to be very detailed and can take awhile. They are partially or wholly worked in thin layers and glazes, which usually must dry before continuing, (though that happens pretty fast).

When I work big and work outdoors, I tend to work much looser and go faster.  Not so much concern about mess or space out there!  Adjusting back to little pieces now.  Summers here mean painting in my little kitchen space, mainly miniatures and drawings.  Large palette knife paintings happen mostly in fall thru spring as the weather then is good for working outdoors.  It is between 100 and 110 degrees now, and will be for a few months more.

07 June, 2012


I'm participating in another photo-to-traditional art translation on Red Bubble!  This time it's LANDSCAPE & LIGHT

Artists participating in the project are showing their Work In Progress (WIP) photos.  You can see on page 14 of the above forum, my most recent WIP photos.  PAGE 14

I'll be translating photographer Peter Hammer's lovely photo, (by written agreement with him), Sheep Country

Solo Exhibitions group on Red Bubble has had many of these projects. This is the 3rd one I've taken part in.  In the past, I did a Cardinal painting from Vonnie Murfin's popular photo of the same name, and more recently translated Celeste Mookherjee's photo, Ruffled Feathers, into a painting I call Egret's First Dip of Spring.

All of the translations are done by written agreement between the photographers and artists.  Each retains all copyrights to their own works.  I think the group hosts do a great job of organizing the workshops and devised a system that seems to work really well.

My finished translations are discussed in my RED BUBBLE JOURNALS  I'll have a new journal soon about the current project, a painting of sheep in a gorgeous mountain pasture. I've started the painting, and Works In Progress (WIP's) of it can be seen in the Landscape & Light link above, along with a number of other artists and their WIP's for their translations.

Of course, my sheep won't just be grazing...


05 June, 2012

WILD CHICKENS; new calendar

Twelve months of kooky chicken art.

I've bought my own calendars from Red Bubble to give as gifts and found the quality of paper and printing to be really nice. They're large calendars, too.  When they're used up, the art prints are suitable for inexpensive work to frame.

All but one of these paintings was done within the last two years, most within the last year.  There is one that is older, from the late 1980s, that sparked my interest in painting chickens, though I'd been drawing them as doodles since I was a kid. Chickens are one of my favorite birds.  I've kept them as pets and for the eggs in the past, and hope to again someday.  They're becoming popular as backyard urban pets now, and some cities are changing codes to allow hens, which are pretty quiet.  Many people find out they're intelligent and affectionate, too.

All images © Cindy Schnackel
(Please don't pin my work to Pinterest or I'll just have to send a takedown notice which will irritate us both.)

04 June, 2012

Very Affordable Art Collection: looking for a better acronym

"I Love my Bird"
Ballpoint pen drawing on small notebook paper, matted and framed. Outside dimension of the frame is 5 x 7 in.  

The price on this will be about $20. 

I have loads of little drawings and paintings that will become part of my "Very Affordable Art" collection. 

Looking for a name and acronym that means very affordable art but makes a better acronym or word!