21 June, 2012

Kitchen Studios

How many artists work in their kitchen or living room, somewhere not really set up to be a studio, 
and just sort of live around it?  

I have pretty much done this all my life. When I was a kid I had an old card table in my bedroom for doing "homework," (LOL), but mostly drew pictures there.  Later, my bed was my work table, and I had a combination dropcloth-bedspread. 

Over the years as we've moved around as a married couple, I leaned canvases against whatever would hold them up, in whatever few square feet of space I could occupy.  During one transition thru Minnesota, I leaned canvases up against cardboard moving boxes, and even painted a still life that included a packing box as the base for the otherwise cliche bowl of fruit.

Usually, our dining room is the first casualty of studio-takeover, because we have not sat down to a formal meal at a table in years.  In this case, a tiny breakfast table has become my studio, but it works for painting miniatures.

But I do try to keep the kitchen free to prepare food, most of the time.  

Some of this week's work:

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