07 June, 2012


I'm participating in another photo-to-traditional art translation on Red Bubble!  This time it's LANDSCAPE & LIGHT

Artists participating in the project are showing their Work In Progress (WIP) photos.  You can see on page 14 of the above forum, my most recent WIP photos.  PAGE 14

I'll be translating photographer Peter Hammer's lovely photo, (by written agreement with him), Sheep Country

Solo Exhibitions group on Red Bubble has had many of these projects. This is the 3rd one I've taken part in.  In the past, I did a Cardinal painting from Vonnie Murfin's popular photo of the same name, and more recently translated Celeste Mookherjee's photo, Ruffled Feathers, into a painting I call Egret's First Dip of Spring.

All of the translations are done by written agreement between the photographers and artists.  Each retains all copyrights to their own works.  I think the group hosts do a great job of organizing the workshops and devised a system that seems to work really well.

My finished translations are discussed in my RED BUBBLE JOURNALS  I'll have a new journal soon about the current project, a painting of sheep in a gorgeous mountain pasture. I've started the painting, and Works In Progress (WIP's) of it can be seen in the Landscape & Light link above, along with a number of other artists and their WIP's for their translations.

Of course, my sheep won't just be grazing...