21 June, 2012

Plugging Along, an occasional digitally drawn piece

Drawn very quickly with my mouse, in Photoshop Elements.  Available on Red Bubble as cards, posters, and prints, and on my Blue Canvas site as various products including cases for phones and ipads, etc.  I have not yet fully examined all of Blue Canvases features, and have not had a lot of my work there at any given time, but they do offer a few things that are different.

This piece was inspired by a photo taken by Paul Ramnora, titled "Old ceramic basin full of hot water bottle taps"  It was done with his permission.  It is quite different from his photo, which just goes to show you how the most mundane objects can evoke interest and ideas.  I liked the shape of the hot water taps (plugs?) and saw an eye in the hole.  The drawing only took me a few minutes, but was one of those things I just had to get down before the fleeting thought passed. Thanks so much to Paul for letting me use his photo as inspiration!