14 June, 2012

Progress in Landscape & Light, Photo-to-painting translation project


Posted a new WIP (work in progress image) in Red Bubble's project, Sojie 16 Landscape and Light translation  (pg. 43 is where the link should take you).  Below is the latest WIP pic of my painting. I hope to have it done tomorrow...just kinda got burnt out on the details tonight and had to put it to bed. Will approach it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

 I have a tentative title for this, Ovine Joy.  Ovine refers to sheep, like bovine is about cattle. 

The photos in the project are translated with permission from the photographers.  The one I'm doing is Sheep Country by Peter Hammer

The painting is 12" high x 16" wide.  I may have written elsewhere that it was 11 x 14 but it's not--I initially thought it was though. These little paintings done indoors tend to be very detailed and can take awhile. They are partially or wholly worked in thin layers and glazes, which usually must dry before continuing, (though that happens pretty fast).

When I work big and work outdoors, I tend to work much looser and go faster.  Not so much concern about mess or space out there!  Adjusting back to little pieces now.  Summers here mean painting in my little kitchen space, mainly miniatures and drawings.  Large palette knife paintings happen mostly in fall thru spring as the weather then is good for working outdoors.  It is between 100 and 110 degrees now, and will be for a few months more.