05 June, 2012

WILD CHICKENS; new calendar

Twelve months of kooky chicken art.

I've bought my own calendars from Red Bubble to give as gifts and found the quality of paper and printing to be really nice. They're large calendars, too.  When they're used up, the art prints are suitable for inexpensive work to frame.

All but one of these paintings was done within the last two years, most within the last year.  There is one that is older, from the late 1980s, that sparked my interest in painting chickens, though I'd been drawing them as doodles since I was a kid. Chickens are one of my favorite birds.  I've kept them as pets and for the eggs in the past, and hope to again someday.  They're becoming popular as backyard urban pets now, and some cities are changing codes to allow hens, which are pretty quiet.  Many people find out they're intelligent and affectionate, too.

All images © Cindy Schnackel
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