29 July, 2012

Scorpion stings are NOT like bee stings

We have scorpions here in AZ.  They didn't used to commonly be seen in houses.  I lived here 25 yrs and never saw one. Then we were away for my husband's job for about 12 yrs. After we returned, we found scorpions a lot, and it seems many people do now.  My husband got stung and it was more or less 'like a bee sting,' though it is not the same venom, which is why he didn't have an allergic reaction, (he is allergic to bees). 

BUT, I got stung last week and it's not like a bee sting for everyone. The smaller you are, the more effect it has.  Though poison control said to go to the ER if my vision got blurry, they said the following are normal.  And when my vision did get blurry, the ER said that's normal, too.

Intense pain at the site of the bite, comes in waves so you can't ignore it.
Numbness, tingling, burning, in the hands, arms, feet and legs, and even your back.
Burning lips.
A sensation of a lump in the throat.
Blurry vision.

If a person is allergic, the ER told me, they'd have hives and/or difficulty breathing.  I also read online that nausea and dizziness can happen, not sure if they meant 'normally' or as an allergic reaction.  I did get a bit dizzy but not sure if it was from the blurry vision.

All this lasted for more than a day.  Sleep was impossible.  I walked like I was drunk, and could not type or see well, much less draw or paint. My hands are still like clubs today but not as bad as before. I can type obviously, but you cant' tell how many typos i'm making and correcting most.

so if you get stung, be forewarned, i'ts not just like a beesting for everyone.  And better to go to the ER and be safe than sorry, IMO.  BTW when you go to the ER they ask you if your pain level is on a scale of 1-10, 10 being unbearable.  I never had a 10, so don't know. But some lady came in after us and sounded like a 10.  Hope she was okay.

26 July, 2012

A new drawing

Click the title to see it on my Red Bubble page.  "Soak" is a ballpoint pen drawing, with a little acrylic wash and even a little colored pencil.  It's 5 x 7 in, probably destined to be in my "affordable art" collection, next time I have the opportunity to take a bunch of small, inexpensive framed works to a show of my paintings.  I drew this at the ice rink, where my husband was playing recreational hockey.  
Well, the pen part anyway.  I did the acrylic wash when I got home. 
Finally did find a yellow ink ballpoint pen, in a set, at Fry's Electronics. But it is still not ideal. So, for real yellow, I still have to resort to other media like paint or colored pencils.  I also don't like the gunky white-ink pens, so if I draw on colored paper, I use paint or colored pencils, for the parts I actually want white.  This was drawn on nearly white Stonehenge paper, (one of the pale neutral tints, with a catchy name that I forgot).

25 July, 2012

Making Comments here

A friend of mine who's also on Google's blogger/blogspot, is unable to post on my blog here, even though I have it set to "anybody."  His posts don't show up in Awaiting Moderation, nor Spam.  I never get an email notification of his comments. It turns out he is not even getting the Captcha thing to fill in.  If anyone else is having problems commenting, and you don't get a Captcha thing to fill in, the comment won't work. I don't know what, if anything, that I can do about it.  If anyone knows how to fix the commenting problem, please let me know. Comment if you can, LOL!

24 July, 2012

But what does it mean?

Collage in progress, July 2012.

I've always been fascinated by how a few lines can convey a lot of meaning.  The shape of an eye, the position of a hand, (or wing).  This weekend, while rearranging my drawings prior to making a new collage, I was really entertained by how moving them half an inch this way or that could totally change the apparent meaning.  In one position, the standing figure appears to be comforting the sitting hen.  But most other positions make him appear to be lecturing. The tiny two-headed creature becomes different things depending on its position, too.  It may be a pet, a conscience, who knows?  Regardless where I end up gluing them down, viewers are always welcome to find their own meanings, and I'm intrigued by hearing what they see in my work.

All images, characters, and other work, © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved. Please don't pin my stuff to Pinterest, because I'll send a takedown notice and then we'll both be irritated.

18 July, 2012

Chicken mini's

Did a series of small cartoony chicken portraits tonight, in bright colors.  Originals are all 5 x 7 in, acrylic on linen canvas panels.  Not sure if I'll sell them individually, or combine them like tiles into a larger piece. Depends on how many I make in a relatively short time I guess!

These will be available on my Red Bubble site once I scan them all...some of them were still too wet to lay on the scanner tonight.

12 July, 2012

Detail of food stain drawing

Click the title to go to my Red Bubble page and see this, and the whole drawing that it is from.  The drawing is made of food stains, colored pencils, and ink, on paper.  These budgie-human hybrids are kind of creeping me out, but in a nice way.

07 July, 2012

Glorious weather for just one day

On the 4th of July the temps dropped from well over 100, to the 70s, and it rained.  We spent most of the day just sitting under our covered patio watching the rain and wild birds, and had our pets out there with us, too.  We grilled, made home made ice cream, and cut open a water melon.  All in all a beautiful day, could not have been on a better day of the week since so many people are off work then.

Back in the 1970s when my family moved here, I remember many summer evenings it stormed and the temps dropped dramatically. As the city grew, the "heat dome" seemed to keep away more and more of the cooling storms.  Soon, we were lucky to see it go below 100 even at night, when normally the desert cools off a lot once the sun goes down.

We're back up to over 100 during the day again, and it's expected to be around or even over 110 next week. Storms are more frequently in the forecast this time of year, but they often stop short of the city, particularly the west side which stays drier. We are lucky to be far enough East that we do get some of the monsoon.  When my aunt visited a couple years ago from out of state she even noticed how the landscape was browner on the west side.  This is definitely not the time of year we're happy to be here, (well except for the 4th of July when we had freak nice weather!).

But I recall a few times in the 1990s when it was 118, 120, even 122 degrees!  So any summer we don't go over 115 is considered good I guess.