26 July, 2012

A new drawing

Click the title to see it on my Red Bubble page.  "Soak" is a ballpoint pen drawing, with a little acrylic wash and even a little colored pencil.  It's 5 x 7 in, probably destined to be in my "affordable art" collection, next time I have the opportunity to take a bunch of small, inexpensive framed works to a show of my paintings.  I drew this at the ice rink, where my husband was playing recreational hockey.  
Well, the pen part anyway.  I did the acrylic wash when I got home. 
Finally did find a yellow ink ballpoint pen, in a set, at Fry's Electronics. But it is still not ideal. So, for real yellow, I still have to resort to other media like paint or colored pencils.  I also don't like the gunky white-ink pens, so if I draw on colored paper, I use paint or colored pencils, for the parts I actually want white.  This was drawn on nearly white Stonehenge paper, (one of the pale neutral tints, with a catchy name that I forgot).