29 July, 2012

Scorpion stings are NOT like bee stings

We have scorpions here in AZ.  They didn't used to commonly be seen in houses.  I lived here 25 yrs and never saw one. Then we were away for my husband's job for about 12 yrs. After we returned, we found scorpions a lot, and it seems many people do now.  My husband got stung and it was more or less 'like a bee sting,' though it is not the same venom, which is why he didn't have an allergic reaction, (he is allergic to bees). 

BUT, I got stung last week and it's not like a bee sting for everyone. The smaller you are, the more effect it has.  Though poison control said to go to the ER if my vision got blurry, they said the following are normal.  And when my vision did get blurry, the ER said that's normal, too.

Intense pain at the site of the bite, comes in waves so you can't ignore it.
Numbness, tingling, burning, in the hands, arms, feet and legs, and even your back.
Burning lips.
A sensation of a lump in the throat.
Blurry vision.

If a person is allergic, the ER told me, they'd have hives and/or difficulty breathing.  I also read online that nausea and dizziness can happen, not sure if they meant 'normally' or as an allergic reaction.  I did get a bit dizzy but not sure if it was from the blurry vision.

All this lasted for more than a day.  Sleep was impossible.  I walked like I was drunk, and could not type or see well, much less draw or paint. My hands are still like clubs today but not as bad as before. I can type obviously, but you cant' tell how many typos i'm making and correcting most.

so if you get stung, be forewarned, i'ts not just like a beesting for everyone.  And better to go to the ER and be safe than sorry, IMO.  BTW when you go to the ER they ask you if your pain level is on a scale of 1-10, 10 being unbearable.  I never had a 10, so don't know. But some lady came in after us and sounded like a 10.  Hope she was okay.