30 August, 2012

Paintings; inventory and price list, and a SALE

This week I inventoried my available original paintings, and posted a list with details, sizes, and prices, on my Red Bubble site.  The majority on the list are on sale, as much as half off!  See the list (click link above) for more info.  Flycatcher, shown above, is one of those on sale.

28 August, 2012

BAD GIRL, a collage about double standards and womens' rights?

Collage on paper, adhered to 6 x 8 x 1 in panel. See description, (and order just the collage as prints or cards, without backing border), on my Red Bubble page by clicking title above. The original, mounted as above, will be for sale. Though I'm not done with my price list yet, I anticipate the original will be in my more affordable line of mostly miniature work, and also at sale price through 2012, so around $50, give or take a few dollars, (shipping, if any, is extra).

Though this started as subconscious doodles as most of my work does, when I was arranging the figures and picking out cut out words for the caption, I believe I was influenced by a politician's whacko remarks on TV, about rape.


I've been working on a complete and current inventory list, with some of my work being offered at sale prices though the rest of the year.  I expect to be done with the list by mid Sept. and will post it here and on most of my other sites, too.  I want to include images in the list so it's taking some time to do it well, and thoroughly, and is involving a fair amount of rooting through forgotten drawers and shelves for the many drawings that still need framing or mounting.  Some will be sold unframed.

22 August, 2012

Show updates

Some of my work will be in a show at Willo North Friday Sept 7th, for the First Fridays evening artwalk in Phoenix.  The invite image above shows one of mine, Dark Chick, which has been purchased by the curator. Two other pieces will be available, and for the first time in my life, at sale prices.  I'm trying to clear out some space to make way for the new!

Elsewhere, (or "meanwhile..."), one of my larger chicken paintings is in the show CHOMP in Phoenix until Sept. 6th and this show will be the last chance to purchase the original painting.  (Regular price, not sale.) I'm pulling a few of my big chicken pieces from sale after this show to have them professionally scanned, with plans to sell large giclees.  Hen Party is the painting, and the price is $2400, available for purchase through the gallery...

Images, addresses, prices, details, and more available in the link above!


11 August, 2012


Did this in a few minutes today after getting home from errands, including picking up a few art supplies. Wanted to test the characteristics of a couple of new white drawing pencils that I got.  As is typical, I just started with a shape, whatever shape subconsciously wanted to come out of my hand at that moment.  Then, gave it some life, and put it on a balance beam of sorts, probably because I have enjoyed watching gymnastics during the Olympics, though it wasn't planned.  I like that it can have many meanings, but that it doesn't have to. 

The original drawing as cropped here is about 8 x 8 inches.

© Cindy Schnackel, no pinning to Pinterest, please.

09 August, 2012

Some new things

Made a tee shirt design from one of my chicken paintings, something I've been meaning to do for months.

And, did a quick mixed media piece while watching the Olympics.

On my BLUE CANVAS SITE you can play around with the size and orientation of artwork and get it on iphone skins, ipad covers, etc.  The above artwork seems to work well on a phone there.  RED BUBBLE also offers cases; the link takes to the few tees and cases I've created there.  Creating them on Red Bubble requires using a template, while Blue Canvas does not.  I am familiar with the products on Red Bubble, but have never seen any from Blue Canvas.  I've only offered work on Blue Canvas for a relatively short time. Would appreciate any feedback about their quality and service.  Below is a Blue Canvas product image of the above artwork as an iphone skin.

08 August, 2012

Some avocados are just bad

Inspired by a recent bad one.  Monochromatic work drawn with both water soluble and dry colored pencils on paper.  6 x 12 in.

© Cindy Schnackel; please no pinning to Pinterest. Thanks!

07 August, 2012

What makes my Affordable pieces Affordable?

Some of you may have missed older discussions about this topic, and I do cull old posts from time to time, so I'll recap:

At my solo show in April, a young boy who really liked my work, asked if I had anything for $15, all he had in his pocket.  I felt bad for him but had nothing I could cut that much!

It got me to thinking, I have all these little drawings laying around, why not look for really inexpensive frames or panels to present them nicely and offer them in an affordable art line?

But it all still had to look good.  Many second-hand frames do not make the cut.  A few do, and I snap them up. Same for frame sales, or sales on those nice cradled wood panels for mounting and sealing work on paper so it can be glass-free and still very durable.

Framing is one of the costs that keeps even small drawings out of the range of that little boy's budget.  Many of my small drawings are unusual sizes, and I don't currently have the space to cut mats or make frames, etc.

So, a recent good find on nice metal frames with glass and mats made it possible to frame some small work and also a couple of reprints of my work.  The pieces are priced at $25.  I will have some really small ones for even less. All reprints are clearly noted as prints, so you won't be confused about whether it's original or a print.

A few of my small drawings are on my Red Bubble site  but many more are never uploaded, just scanned for my own records.  For people who love doodles and sketches, these are great inexpensive ways to own a little of the spontaneous thought process of an artist's work.

All work © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved.  No pinning to Pinterest, please!

03 August, 2012

Upcoming Show(s), and The Affordable Art collection

Besides HEN PARTY being at the University Club (a show done through the Herberger Theater Center), until September 6th, I have one and maybe two more potential showing opportunities coming up in Phoenix, in Sept and Oct.  I'll post more about those when I have details, but one is at WILLO NORTH for September's First Friday Art Walk. Click links above for details/hours.

University Club
39 East Monte Vista
Phoenix, AZ

Willo North
2811 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ

I have posted a picture from the University Club show on my Face Book art page (posted Aug 3, 2012).  You can see it from the Herberger Face Book page too.

I continue to work on putting small drawings into frames for my Affordable Art collection.  Depending on size, some of these may be as little as $10, and they'll go up to around $50 I think.  Finding good deals on frames and mats is crucial, and/or mounting them on panels.  I've found a few good deals on sets of frames, etc, and will be making them available when possible, where I show my larger work that is generally priced at $200 per square foot, (more if framed).

If you haven't been there recently, please visit my Online Portfolio on Redbubble.com


(All work © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved.  Please don't pin my work to Pinterest.)