28 August, 2012

BAD GIRL, a collage about double standards and womens' rights?

Collage on paper, adhered to 6 x 8 x 1 in panel. See description, (and order just the collage as prints or cards, without backing border), on my Red Bubble page by clicking title above. The original, mounted as above, will be for sale. Though I'm not done with my price list yet, I anticipate the original will be in my more affordable line of mostly miniature work, and also at sale price through 2012, so around $50, give or take a few dollars, (shipping, if any, is extra).

Though this started as subconscious doodles as most of my work does, when I was arranging the figures and picking out cut out words for the caption, I believe I was influenced by a politician's whacko remarks on TV, about rape.


I've been working on a complete and current inventory list, with some of my work being offered at sale prices though the rest of the year.  I expect to be done with the list by mid Sept. and will post it here and on most of my other sites, too.  I want to include images in the list so it's taking some time to do it well, and thoroughly, and is involving a fair amount of rooting through forgotten drawers and shelves for the many drawings that still need framing or mounting.  Some will be sold unframed.