09 August, 2012

Some new things

Made a tee shirt design from one of my chicken paintings, something I've been meaning to do for months.

And, did a quick mixed media piece while watching the Olympics.

On my BLUE CANVAS SITE you can play around with the size and orientation of artwork and get it on iphone skins, ipad covers, etc.  The above artwork seems to work well on a phone there.  RED BUBBLE also offers cases; the link takes to the few tees and cases I've created there.  Creating them on Red Bubble requires using a template, while Blue Canvas does not.  I am familiar with the products on Red Bubble, but have never seen any from Blue Canvas.  I've only offered work on Blue Canvas for a relatively short time. Would appreciate any feedback about their quality and service.  Below is a Blue Canvas product image of the above artwork as an iphone skin.