03 August, 2012

Upcoming Show(s), and The Affordable Art collection

Besides HEN PARTY being at the University Club (a show done through the Herberger Theater Center), until September 6th, I have one and maybe two more potential showing opportunities coming up in Phoenix, in Sept and Oct.  I'll post more about those when I have details, but one is at WILLO NORTH for September's First Friday Art Walk. Click links above for details/hours.

University Club
39 East Monte Vista
Phoenix, AZ

Willo North
2811 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ

I have posted a picture from the University Club show on my Face Book art page (posted Aug 3, 2012).  You can see it from the Herberger Face Book page too.

I continue to work on putting small drawings into frames for my Affordable Art collection.  Depending on size, some of these may be as little as $10, and they'll go up to around $50 I think.  Finding good deals on frames and mats is crucial, and/or mounting them on panels.  I've found a few good deals on sets of frames, etc, and will be making them available when possible, where I show my larger work that is generally priced at $200 per square foot, (more if framed).

If you haven't been there recently, please visit my Online Portfolio on Redbubble.com


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