07 August, 2012

What makes my Affordable pieces Affordable?

Some of you may have missed older discussions about this topic, and I do cull old posts from time to time, so I'll recap:

At my solo show in April, a young boy who really liked my work, asked if I had anything for $15, all he had in his pocket.  I felt bad for him but had nothing I could cut that much!

It got me to thinking, I have all these little drawings laying around, why not look for really inexpensive frames or panels to present them nicely and offer them in an affordable art line?

But it all still had to look good.  Many second-hand frames do not make the cut.  A few do, and I snap them up. Same for frame sales, or sales on those nice cradled wood panels for mounting and sealing work on paper so it can be glass-free and still very durable.

Framing is one of the costs that keeps even small drawings out of the range of that little boy's budget.  Many of my small drawings are unusual sizes, and I don't currently have the space to cut mats or make frames, etc.

So, a recent good find on nice metal frames with glass and mats made it possible to frame some small work and also a couple of reprints of my work.  The pieces are priced at $25.  I will have some really small ones for even less. All reprints are clearly noted as prints, so you won't be confused about whether it's original or a print.

A few of my small drawings are on my Red Bubble site  but many more are never uploaded, just scanned for my own records.  For people who love doodles and sketches, these are great inexpensive ways to own a little of the spontaneous thought process of an artist's work.

All work © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved.  No pinning to Pinterest, please!