26 September, 2012

Click title above to see the list with images and prices for my works on paper.  Regular and Sale prices listed, and in effect until the end of 2012.  There are some screaming deals here, particularly if you purchase a whole series such as all the coaster doodles, or all the Cat Beaver drawings.

Shipping's extra on all my work. Unframed drawings are usually very inexpensive to ship.

Mixed media on colourfix paper, (unframed, unmounted)
13 × 9 inches
Reg. $100
Sale $50

This was quite a job going through drawers and shelves of drawings and sketches, some tiny but intricate, some larger.  A lot of the really tiny ones will end up framed or mounted, (nicely but inexpensively, and perhaps on recycled material to be a bit "greener"), for my "Affordable art line," that I intend to sell when I have the chance to include them in shows. The tiny works will likely sell at around $25, some less.  Anything framed or mounted is ready to hang.

There is a link in the above, to my Paintings list, too.  They range from miniatures up to (currently) 48 x 36 inches.  Many of my smaller paintings are framed, and paintings of all sizes are sometimes on deep surfaces (1.5 to 2 in. thick), that are finished on the edges, and do not require a frame.  A few of my unframed paintings are also available.  All that's in the notes, on the lists.

Enjoy, and I hope you decide to purchase some original artwork. If you are more in the market for a reprint, many of my pieces are available on my Red Bubble site.


24 September, 2012

Bluebird, revisited, original soon to be for sale

 Click "BLUEBIRD" title under image, to see it on my Red Bubble site and purchase as cards and prints.

I love depicting birds with large heads or eyes, or even as giant birds.

Last week, I reworked a rather surreal colored pencil drawing of a bird, that I'd done a couple of years ago for "Drawing Day," on RedBubble.com.  At the time, I was happy to leave it as a pure drawing media piece, for the event. But in going through drawings and deciding which to keep, sell, cut up for collage, pitch out, etc, I really liked the Bluebird drawing but wanted to do more to it. So I did a little more work with transparent acrylic washes, a favorite technique of mine to combine with colored pencils.

The drawing is about 13 x 9 inches, on heavy Colourfix drawing paper.  This will most likely be mounted to a cradled wood panel* and sealed, eliminating the need for a frame and glass. The mounting method seems very durable and keeps pieces light weight, too.

* Cradled wood panels have wood sides which I finish.  I normally use 1.5 in deep cradled panels for work I intend to go frameless.

© Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved. Naturally, the copyright notice on the image is digital, not part of the painting.

20 September, 2012

Why I don't allow Pinning

Numerous artists and photographers object to their work being pinned on Pinterest, and they have legitimate concerns. Like many now, I do not allow pinning.  (Yes, I know that no one can completely prevent it.) Any pins of my work are there against my wishes.

I send DMCA takedowns to websites that infringe. It's not limited to Pinterest, but that accounts for a disproportionately large percentage of infringements.  Pins without credit are far too common.  It can't drive traffic back to me if there is no credit or link.

Pinterest not only loses links and credit, but far too frequently, uses other people's artwork to link to other businesses. In other words they use it to spam, advertise, etc, all infringing uses that are illegal and that confuse the issue of who owns the image, and that translates to possible financial harm to artists.

Our work is not free.  While on the topic of "free," to dispel a widespread myth, if you find things on search engines like Google, they are NOT in the "public domain."*  Never were.

My social media sharing policy at its very least requires credit and a link back.  Other concerns are the size of the image used, and HOW is it being used. "Sharing" is not using others work to advertise, illustrate, promote, endorse, as an avatar, or to sell, etc.
If you are a pinner, please urge the site to fix the copyright and attribution concerns that artists and photographers have been expressing concerns about for over a year now.  We would all love to let Pinterest fly under the radar or even welcome it, like some other social media, but sadly, the site has just presented too many reasons to be concerned.

(*That myth seems to stem from a highly inaccurate interpretation of a court case where Google's function itself was determined to be 'fair use.' The court did not extend any public domain or fair use privileges to people using google.)

Thanks for not pinning!

15 September, 2012

Two mixed media pieces today

"Drained" is 12 x 6 inches, mixed media on paper. I was cutting up beets to grill, and wanted to see what the juice would be like as a color on paper.  Though most of the beet stains are under many layers of pen, pencils, and acrylic washes now, the shapes of the stains on the paper inspired the creatures.

I finished another even smaller piece tonight that, so far, I'm calling "Come Along."  I have not yet uploaded it to Red Bubble.  I do a lot of drawings that are never uploaded, it would just get to be too many to manage!  It's the many little drawings like this that will end up in my Affordable Art collection.

No particular meaning was in mind when these started, but in "Drained," the idea of the creatures on the bottom of an ocean or bathtub when another creature pulled the plug began to emerge about half way through it.  It's been interesting reading comments on it about possible meanings.  I really enjoy hearing interpretations, and there is no one "right" meaning you must "get."

Adding a balloon changes everything.  

In "Come Along," I just started sketching the yellow creature's head tonight, with a ballpoint pen, and it took on a life of its own within a few minutes.  Between making dinner, watching our birds, talking to my husband, watching a little TV, I would work on it a little bit.  The background is a colorless blender, (basically an uncolored colored pencil, it's mostly wax), with a transparent acrylic wash over it.  Most of the creatures is ballpoint pen but they also have a little transparent wash on them.

Sometimes I just like to add a senseless balloon and see what happens.  Below are two more drawings with (senselessly added) balloons, suddenly giving it a whole new dimension, and many new possible meanings, as well as some plain old absurdity. Both of these are from last year.

"Black Balloon," 6 x 6 inches, white colored pencil on black paper.

"Sinister,"  9 x 11 inches, colored pencils on brown paper, with black acrylic paint background.

(All work © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved.  See my Red Bubble profile page for more information. Thanks!)

10 September, 2012

Show update

The show at Willo North went well Friday night!  I sold a painting, and also bought a print of another artist's work.  There was a good crowd, and I met some interesting people, and got to hear a little about some of the other artists' work before it opened.

More good news, the temps are finally falling, gradually sliding down into the low 100s, 90s, during the day. We've had some rain.  Nights are in the 80s, maybe soon in the 70s, which means it won't be long before there will be days I can paint outside again and work on big stuff!