24 September, 2012

Bluebird, revisited, original soon to be for sale

 Click "BLUEBIRD" title under image, to see it on my Red Bubble site and purchase as cards and prints.

I love depicting birds with large heads or eyes, or even as giant birds.

Last week, I reworked a rather surreal colored pencil drawing of a bird, that I'd done a couple of years ago for "Drawing Day," on RedBubble.com.  At the time, I was happy to leave it as a pure drawing media piece, for the event. But in going through drawings and deciding which to keep, sell, cut up for collage, pitch out, etc, I really liked the Bluebird drawing but wanted to do more to it. So I did a little more work with transparent acrylic washes, a favorite technique of mine to combine with colored pencils.

The drawing is about 13 x 9 inches, on heavy Colourfix drawing paper.  This will most likely be mounted to a cradled wood panel* and sealed, eliminating the need for a frame and glass. The mounting method seems very durable and keeps pieces light weight, too.

* Cradled wood panels have wood sides which I finish.  I normally use 1.5 in deep cradled panels for work I intend to go frameless.

© Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved. Naturally, the copyright notice on the image is digital, not part of the painting.