26 September, 2012

Click title above to see the list with images and prices for my works on paper.  Regular and Sale prices listed, and in effect until the end of 2012.  There are some screaming deals here, particularly if you purchase a whole series such as all the coaster doodles, or all the Cat Beaver drawings.

Shipping's extra on all my work. Unframed drawings are usually very inexpensive to ship.

Mixed media on colourfix paper, (unframed, unmounted)
13 × 9 inches
Reg. $100
Sale $50

This was quite a job going through drawers and shelves of drawings and sketches, some tiny but intricate, some larger.  A lot of the really tiny ones will end up framed or mounted, (nicely but inexpensively, and perhaps on recycled material to be a bit "greener"), for my "Affordable art line," that I intend to sell when I have the chance to include them in shows. The tiny works will likely sell at around $25, some less.  Anything framed or mounted is ready to hang.

There is a link in the above, to my Paintings list, too.  They range from miniatures up to (currently) 48 x 36 inches.  Many of my smaller paintings are framed, and paintings of all sizes are sometimes on deep surfaces (1.5 to 2 in. thick), that are finished on the edges, and do not require a frame.  A few of my unframed paintings are also available.  All that's in the notes, on the lists.

Enjoy, and I hope you decide to purchase some original artwork. If you are more in the market for a reprint, many of my pieces are available on my Red Bubble site.