27 October, 2012

Monster doodle

Today's doodle, black and white colored pencils on brown kraft paper, 12 x 9 inches.  Didn't seem to be any need for eyes on this one so I omitted them!

22 October, 2012

Finished the Nest painting

Made a few minor changes this morning, after thinking about it over the weekend.  This is one of the few pieces I do much planning on, and those pieces tend to get filled with details!  It began as a doodle, in an online drawing tool called Scribbler Too, several months ago.

I actually started the painting around that time, but put it aside when it became too hot to work out on the patio, (and I don't have room indoors to work on things this size right now).  The painting blossomed with no specific species of flowers, just shapes and colors I liked.  The oversized bird seems content with his environment, and oversized birds are one of my staples, not sure why I like making them big, I just do.

14 October, 2012

What's left of the Creatures Sketchbook; Originals for sale

Twenty-five 6 x 6 inch sketches, mostly in monochrome, (graphite, and single colors of dark colored pencils), are on sale until the end of 2012, more than half off regular price!  Many more small works like these, and larger ones, too, many in color, some collages, some paintings on paper...

06 October, 2012

Or, do you prefer your coffee "iced?"

Acrylic palette knife painting on canvas
48 x 36 inches
Reg. price $2400
Sale price $1200
Shipping extra

Of course, he does not have to be drinking coffee...you may feel free to imagine him drinking whatever you prefer! You can see more of my work, much of it on sale right now, by clicking here to go to my list on my Red Bubble site.

 I've been pleased to see more of my works go to new homes this week!  Chicken Ranch, and Alien Board 2, were sold this weekend.  I update the price list regularly to remove sold items and add new ones.  This coming week, I anticipate adding a couple of new items to the list.

EDIT: Added Hen Party, another giant chicken painting, to my price list. The Hens are $2500, and you can find out more HERE

02 October, 2012

Switch to Decaf?

48 x 36 inches
Acrylic on canvas
Regular price $2400
Sale price $1200

 Painting birds and chickens is a passion for me.  I especially like getting outdoors where I can work big and messy,  in a loose style, often with palette knives. When I was younger, I kept pet chickens, and have seldom been without a pet bird of some kind.  I love their personalities and colors, and their intelligence. Yes, chickens are actually kind of smart, something many people find out when they keep them as pets.  They make great artists' subjects, too.

Decaf has a bit of metallics in it, particularly in the moon. Quite a few of my paintings are on sale as much as half-off right now, including some of the large palette knife chicken paintings!  Shipping's extra, and details/terms are on the list below, along with more chicken, bird, and creature paintings. Be aware that shipping art of this size is can be sticker shock, (if you ship or buy art, you already knew that). 

Blue Moon on sale

Blue Moon
6x6 in., acrylic painting
Regular price, $150
Sale price, $75 (shipping extra)

Blue Moon is just one of many paintings I have marked down as much as 50% off until the end of 2012, to make space at home!  Blue Moon is 6 x 6 inches on a Masonite type artist's panel.  At present, it's unframed.  This is a painting that will ship inexpensively because the panel is just 1/8th inch thick. 

Terms and details, and more paintings for sale, (and in most cases, ON sale), click link below:

Paintings Price List

 Thank you!

Zero, a graphite drawing

Zero is 8 x 6 inches on paper, graphite.  Most likely going into my Affordable Art line as soon as I frame or mount it nicely.  (Until then, it can be purchased unframed.)  A lot of my work is on sale as much as half off regular prices until the end of 2012.  This particular piece, listed here with other works on paper that are for sale is only $25 right now.  Shipping on unframed, small drawings is quite inexpensive.  Click the link to see purchase details/terms, and numerous other works on paper for sale right now.

If paintings are what you prefer, click here for that list!

Thank you!