06 October, 2012

Or, do you prefer your coffee "iced?"

Acrylic palette knife painting on canvas
48 x 36 inches
Reg. price $2400
Sale price $1200
Shipping extra

Of course, he does not have to be drinking coffee...you may feel free to imagine him drinking whatever you prefer! You can see more of my work, much of it on sale right now, by clicking here to go to my list on my Red Bubble site.

 I've been pleased to see more of my works go to new homes this week!  Chicken Ranch, and Alien Board 2, were sold this weekend.  I update the price list regularly to remove sold items and add new ones.  This coming week, I anticipate adding a couple of new items to the list.

EDIT: Added Hen Party, another giant chicken painting, to my price list. The Hens are $2500, and you can find out more HERE