02 October, 2012

Switch to Decaf?

48 x 36 inches
Acrylic on canvas
Regular price $2400
Sale price $1200

 Painting birds and chickens is a passion for me.  I especially like getting outdoors where I can work big and messy,  in a loose style, often with palette knives. When I was younger, I kept pet chickens, and have seldom been without a pet bird of some kind.  I love their personalities and colors, and their intelligence. Yes, chickens are actually kind of smart, something many people find out when they keep them as pets.  They make great artists' subjects, too.

Decaf has a bit of metallics in it, particularly in the moon. Quite a few of my paintings are on sale as much as half-off right now, including some of the large palette knife chicken paintings!  Shipping's extra, and details/terms are on the list below, along with more chicken, bird, and creature paintings. Be aware that shipping art of this size is can be sticker shock, (if you ship or buy art, you already knew that).