12 November, 2012

Thanksgiving Platter

Drawn on a brownish eco-friendly paper plate, with ballpoint and fountain pen inks.  A totally subconscious drawing, where I just take a pen and start drawing shapes and shading them. Invariably, the shape becomes a creature.  Toward the end of the drawing I had the fleeting thought of something to put on the end of his arm, and decided to have it piercing the turkey on a tray.  At some point I must have thought drawing him nude would distract from the turkey platter, (as if it mattered!), so quickly sketched in the kind of undies or swim suit that Australians call "Budgie Smugglers."  I liked the ridiculous garment even better than if he had been nude, and who's really to say it's a "he?"

This and another probably Thanksgiving inspired piece, as well as many other paintings and drawings, are available as prints and cards on my Red Bubble site.  I will be adding new pieces to the inventory and price lists there, too, for anyone interested in contacting me about purchasing original artworks.