24 December, 2012

A great Artist's Statement

 Click the title, below, to read my journal post on Red Bubble, about the really effective artist's statement written by Robrt Pela, for artist Paul Wilson. A lot gets said about these statements, whether we as artists need them, and what should be in them.  They should be tailored for the specific need, (in this case a show).  Other uses for this kind of writing are your About Pages, etc.  A longer Biography can include the credentials and the stuff about when you started painting, etc. But the "statement" needs to be short and to the point, and about the art.  It's not an explanation for art that can't stand on its own.  It's what's at the heart of your art, so that viewers who don't know you, can more fully enjoy your work.  I think Paul's show is a good example, also, because his art is unconventional, and some people might wrongly assume it's going to be about violence, but it's not.  Quite the opposite.  Without a statement at the door of the show, I wonder if some viewers might see, "Lee Harvey Oswald" and be turned off, not realizing what they missed?

A great Artist's Statement: