17 December, 2012

Finger Painting on an iPad


This was done with my fingers on an iPad, something I've just recently begun using, when I was given my husband's old iPad.  He had a simple drawing program on it that was fun and fairly primitive. I goofed around with it the other night.  Naturally, without even thinking about it, my hand and brain went straight to "chicken."

When done, I emailed it to myself, put it thru a Photoshop Elements filter to amp it up a bit, and resized it.  I enjoyed using the colors and seeing what effects I could get. The above iPad piece is currently not uploaded to my Print on Demand type page, on Red Bubble, but it can be, if I get any requests for it to be offered as small reprints or cards.  My Red Bubble Home Page

I have lots of paintings and drawings, on canvas and paper not digtal, and, many are on sale right now, until the end of 2012. That's just a couple weeks away, roughly!  After that, any unsold work goes back to regular prices.  Some of the sale prices are slashed by half, so if you were looking for some original art to buy, I have it in all price ranges and sizes, from a few dollars for drawings of 6 x 6 in or so, to well under $100 for drawings up to 11 x 13, to miniature paintings for only about $75, up to large paintings for $1200.  I have a few pieces that are not on sale, those are regular prices, but most of my work is reduced price right now, to clear space and prepare to have a real studio space in 2013.  The sale is not a regular event.

Paintings Price List

See link within Paintings list, for prices on drawings, collages, and other works on paper.