28 December, 2012

She has survived 2 decades and 5 moves

 One Tough Old Bird!

This ceramic hand-built hen was made in 1992 according to what I inscribed on her bottom at the time she was still wet clay.  She is made by making two hollow half spheres, meticulously adhering them with 'slip,' and pressure, and then adding features and details. She was bisque fired, then painted and abraded, with acrylic paints and wet-dry grinding film.

Hand built, (and wheel thrown), ceramics, are generally very durable, not like the poured and cast pieces typically available in stores.  Plus, they are one of a kind. Even if I made these by the dozen, they would all be individuals.

My husband and I have moved cross country, and in town, at least 5 times since she was made, (I think more!).  Virtually all of our glassware has perished, much our furniture, too, and some of my old paintings, at the hands of movers and sometimes by our own doing.

But the Mad Hen is still here.  Knock on wood, I hope she will continue to be with us for a long time.

She is about 8 inches tall and wide, and weighs about 2 lbs, (guessing).  I will measure and weigh her if anyone requests it, otherwise...meh!  I do not really want to sell her, because it's very difficult for me right now, location-wise, to make more ceramics.  But perhaps if I DO sell her, I will try harder to make more ceramics or sculptures, and that'd be a good thing.

So, she IS for sale, $250 plus shipping/handling, which I would guesstimate to be about an additional $75 (minimum).

She'll be on my Price List on Red Bubble, where you can read details of my original works for sale, and see many images of my work for sale as prints, cards, and even a few as iphone and ipad cases, tee shirts, and calendars.

My Red Bubble Journals where my price lists reside