15 February, 2013

2013 SO FAR; new work, sold paintings, and news

12 x 6 inches, acrylic painting on cradled panel


Flycatcher has arrived in its new home in Western Australia. I was happy to hear it arrived safely, and the buyer was very happy with it!  I like doing paintings on these cradled panels, as it negates the need for a frame. They arrive ready to hang. The buyer COULD frame them if they chose. Many of us buy prints or art and it sits around waiting to be framed, or the price of a good frame stops us.  I like my work to arrive ready to hang, whenever possible.  The exceptions are drawings on paper, which are much more impractical and expensive to ship with a frame and glass. Sometimes I even mount drawings on cradled panels. The edges are finished to go with the artwork, or sometimes if the wood is of nice grain, I simply finish the wood so the grain shows.  Flycatcher's edges were black with a crackle effect.

5 x 7 inches, acrylic painting on canvas panel, framed

I delivered Young Turkey to a gallery, along with three other pieces, and he/she sold before the pieces were even hung!  The buyer in this case was local. I have not eaten turkey since painting this last Thanksgiving.

These are a couple of sales from this year that I had small blog type images handy for.  I've continued to sell reprints on my Red Bubble page, too. Red Bubble Portfolio


5 x 7 inches on paper

Just one of the many doodles I've done since the first of the year.  The craft store, Michaels, had these 79 cent sketch books over in one of the craft aisles, made from recycled paper.  I picked up a couple to doodle in. One side of the paper is smooth, the other side rougher, and it's kind of speckley. The cover is very textural.  I'm sure I'll have fun playing with these.

8 x 10 inches, mixed media on paper

Not really a doodle, but like most things on paper it started that way!  I had jury duty in January, and knew I could be sitting for hours in the jury room waiting for my number to be called (or not).  I took a sketchbook and some ballpoint pens.  I had just drawn the teapot and cup when the Official Adult Court Lady came back and said we were all free to go home! All the trials had been settled I guess.  So I finished this at home, and it has a lot of different materials in it now.  A cropped version of just the teapot and cup is available as reprints on my Red Bubble site, too.


20 x 20 inches, on stretched canvas

Just one of a few paintings from the new year, so far. Totally spontaneous, there was no plan, I was just having fun with textures, and using the colors that were going into another work at the same time.  Having more than one painting going on, or an experimental piece, seems to be a good distraction from the temptation to touch things that aren't dry yet, add things that don't need to be added, or whatever irresistible bad things artists can do if they aren't keeping themselves busy enough.  It's also a lot of fun!

I am working on new paintings all the time. Right now I have a fairly large one close to done, very detailed. The detailed ones always take longer, and I often put them aside and get them out later, so I can view them with a fresh eye.  Changes, additions, etc, are always more clear to me, when I haven't been too close it for a few days.  Hint: there will be cacti in it.  Might have been inspired by this little guy, who volunteered in our yard, probably from a bird carried seed.  I dug him up and put him in this little pot, where he seems to be thriving:

cactus is about 6 inches tall now

I'm also working on using materials that are more "green," such as materials that are destined to be thrown away as scraps, or that are unconventional.  Archival quality is still a concern with these things so I put them thru some tests to see what happens.  The conclusion is that just about anything we make anymore will last a lifetime in a landfill, so it will probably at least last our lifetime if treated like the art it is, and taken good care of!

Because it's nice today, and supposed to be nice all weekend, I will be out on the patio painting, taking advantage of it before the spring and summer heat arrive, driving me back indoors.  I love to paint outdoors!  Sometimes I paint for an audience of pigeons.


I'm sad to announce that the gallery Willo North here in Phoenix has closed.  The gallery was on the "First Friday" (of the month) art walk route, and had gained a reputation for having real art, good shows, and wonderful presentation. I had shown and sold pieces there for the last 3 years, mostly my miniature paintings in the boutique.  Met many good people there, and many wonderful artists. Last year, I was invited to show in the curator's special exhibition of artists he had personally collected art from.  My husband and I often didn't get a chance to do much of the art walk route but we always went to Willo because they had such great shows. I hope to continue working with the people that made it a good place as they move on to other places in the art community.