07 March, 2013

Today's Sketch; The 3 Annoyances

The 3 Annoyances
Cindy Schnackel

India ink, a bit of black and white drawing pencil, wax resist, ink washes in different strengths, and glued on word balloons.  8 x 10 inches on sketchbook paper.  I started this a few weeks ago and forgot about it, then finished it today.

Have been doing quite a bit of painting this year while the weather's still cool enough to work on bigger things outdoors on the patio.  I haven't photographed/scanned or uploaded everything yet, and still have a few I'm not done with. Or, am thinking about whether I'm really done or not.

Everything that's been uploaded so far is on my Red Bubble site  Most are available in a range of print sizes and cards.  The originals are also for sale, check my "Journals" there, for the inventory lists. Also, anything you see in my portfolio that does not say it's Sold, in the Description area, but is not on the list, just ask me about it.  I usually remember to add new things, but drawings and doodles, especially those under 8 x 10 inches, don't always get added, as there are so many of them!

All work copyright © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved.