11 June, 2013

Finches at the feeder; Ink Sketches


Ok, I'm no photographer!  This is a snapshot of gold finches and house finches at our thistle seed feeder, taken this morning. It's taken through the patio window with the camera's telephoto lens, (such as it is), out to the max

We do have a species of goldfinch here in Phoenix. The females and juveniles are not as intensely colored as the males, and both sexes have quite a bit of dark on their backs. When the males are there, we often get a glimpse of their bright yellow underparts as they climb around the thistle sack. They are very tiny.  The larger ones are house finches, which have reddish heads (males) but the females and young are more drably colored. I can tell the two species apart more by size when no males are on the feeder.

My husband took several shots with his iPhone, before I got up, and captured the feral lovebirds as well. I look forward to his posting of them on Facebook, or perhaps his blog, later today. 

With the temps being 110-ish, the wild birds come to the feeders in the morning and evening, not so much during the middle of the day, even though the feeders are in some shade.  I think they all go take a siesta til the sun starts to go down again.


More of the Pentel pens and Aquash brush that just holds water.  I love sitting there drawing with these pens in the evening while my husband and I watch TV.  Lately I've been drawing more than painting, always an uneasy feeling as paintings sell better, but maybe it's as one artist referred to it, "a necessary fallow period." And though drawings seem not to sell as well as paintings, I love doing them.

Sort of an Octo-Tree thing, maybe female since she has girly eyelashes? As are this entire recent series, this is also 5 x 7 inches in a cream colored sketchbook.  I've probably used about half the sketchbook already.

 More from the same pens and sketchbook, another mammal sketch, but this time I added some light blue from another wide tipped brush pen, (different brand, not the Pentels). I may do more with this, or just do a painting based on these creatures, I dunno yet.

I've only scanned some of the drawings, and uploaded still fewer of them. There is almost never a plan for these drawings, they just come automatically.  I am still in the mammal-udder phase.  I like leaving out the babies and letting people imagine what they must look like.