25 June, 2013

More Birdwatching pics

Lovebird and a couple of native finches, (house finches I believe), on the thistle seed sack and sunflower feeders, June 2013, backyard. They come in the morning and again in the evening, taking a siesta from the heat during mid day, usually.
 Lovebird and finch again! And below, just lovebirds.  They seem to come in shifts. Sometimes it's all finches, sometimes mostly goldfinches. Still trying to get a really good pic of the goldfinches where it's obvious that's what it is.  When the lovebirds come, they usually chase off some or all of the finches, sadly, but the finches are not easy pushovers, and they do come back and hold their own. The lovebirds are almost certainly the culprits who chewed holes in one of the thistle sacks, but I'm saving up recycled materials to make a bird feeder that will be harder for them to destroy, and disposable (recyclable) when they do destroy it.
We also saw a PYRRHULOXIA a gray and red crested bird related to cardinals.  The bird's crest was amazingly tall and held in a forward position. They really don't look a whole lot like the pictures in bird guides, and it seems the red areas can vary.  I don't think I'd ever seen one before!  I saw it again the next morning, and it appears they know the feeders well now so they probably visit often, we just don't always catch their visit.

Doves also balance on top of all three feeders including the round wire mesh basket hanging from a tree. They seem to be able to manage getting some food out, but mostly the pigeons and doves hang out just below the feeders and scoop up what gets dropped.

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The weather report says we'll be near 120 by the weekend. And yes, we have a birdbath too, I fill it at least once a day!