18 October, 2013

A Rare Noood, and some good articles about knockoffs

Drew this while riding the bus recently.  Ballpoint pen sketch in tiny sketchbook.  And yes, I deliberately misspelled the title, because well, you know, the search engines index certain words, then you get spam based on it.  Correctly spelled, it'd be too much of a spam magnet. Besides, this creature seems more like a Noood.

I can't let a word about the weather escape. It's been gorgeous! I cleaned and rearranged the patio, which is my 'studio' when it's nice out, and getting it ready for painting out there.

Ugly stuff last today. (You aren't going to call my Noood "ugly" are you?)  Below are some blog posts about artists and crafters, (and one video owner), fighting infringement. I've noticed more posts lately about big companies having factories, usually in China, cheaply mass manufacturing an artist's handmade crafts, which are then sold in major chain stores all over, including the US.







And, since for many artists, the online infringements really pick up speed when images are 'shared' to social media and photo sharing sites, you may find this blog interesting:


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