01 November, 2013

Cheery Chickens

Some quick, fun pieces, now that it's cool enough to work bigger and messier outdoors again on my big plastic work table. These were done on nice deep cradled Ampersand panels that were laying around for over a year with paintings on them that I abandoned, (one of those things that happens to artists, when you just decide not to go any further with a concept or painting). But they were kind of textural so I needed to stick to something that was also textural, to paint over them. The crackle effects on these were just right for the purpose.

What's underneath is a secret, but of course you can have them expensively x-rayed I suppose, if you buy them.  For only $275 for the pair, or $150 each, you are welcome to x-ray them, or not, at your own peril. ;)

Ready to hang, no frame needed, the 2+ in. deep edges are also crackle finished in predominantly black.

Here's a close up detail of the 'steam.'

UPDATE, added cracked chicken number 3 to the group, it's a bit smaller, 11 x 14, on a one and a half inch deep cradled panel with finished edges. I'm selling this smaller one for just $100! Would make a great Christmas present if you know someone who appreciates original art and loves chickens (or coffee)!