02 December, 2013

MOVING! Having a Sale! Are you in the Phoenix area?

Birds in Wigs
Cindy Schnackel
Acrylic on Canvas

We're moving in December; I'll finally have a room for an art studio!

If you're in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and can pick up the art and pay cash, I have some fantastic values for you, just in time for Christmas shopping!  From Dec. 2nd to 15th, (2013), I'm taking 25% off my regular prices for buyers who can do this. 

I'm giving it until the 15th to leave it unpacked/unmoved, for buyers who can save me the hassle. Sorry I can't extend the offer to out of area buyers, but packing and shipping is, well, pretty much the same as packing and moving. 

See details of my moving sale here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/cschnack/journal

I have art in a wide range of sizes and prices. If you want unframed art there is lots to choose from, too, small to medium on up to large paintings, and even tiny drawings, which in a small stock frame you can buy at craft stores would make nice affordable gifts. Also many miniature and small paintings for very reasonable prices even regularly.  Most of the miniature pieces are around 5 x 7 inches, give or take. The largest work is 4 x 5 Feet, and there's just about everything in between! Small unframed drawings are a few dollars, up to about $3000 (sale price) for the largest.

I am EVEN selling my Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken, (4 x 5 feet), and for local cash buyers who can haul it themselves, it is only $3000 for this short time! This is an "impact" piece in our dining room right now. It has given us a lot of pleasure, and I would probably not even be offering to sell it if we weren't moving. I don't often hang onto pieces but my husband really loves this. He agrees though, we need to sell it if we can now.

Hen Party, and the other large coffee drinking chickens are 3 x 4 feet each, and are also on sale, same terms as above.

The smaller "Cracked Chicken" series posted just previously are also on sale. 

As we get more things unplugged and packed it'll be harder to reach me via social media or my site. Then, best way to reach me is by email, which is in the link above giving details of the sale.  If you see a pic of something that seems to have been left out, not priced, etc, just ask.


(All work © Cindy Schnackel)