31 January, 2014


Last night, my husband and I finally did something we've been talking about for months; we took our first knitting lesson.  We want it for the hand coordination, to make something useful, and as something relaxing to do while watching TV at night.  My husband had never knitted before, but he's so smart, he was figuring out how to fix his mistakes before the teacher even showed us!  I have to confess this was not my first knitting experience. At about the age of 10, I knitted a scarf for the cat.  It was surprising how it sort of came back to me, at least the principle of interlocking loops. Somehow I started with 18 stitches and then it increased to 25, and then went back down to 23. For the things we'll be making, that may not matter much. I love the colors and textures. The yarn shop was already looking like a candy store, now we'll really have to exercise restraint!  I appreciate that my hubby is man enough not to care that anyone knows he's knitting, too.