26 February, 2014

Upcoming show, unexpected honors, sharing an interesting blog post

As details become known to me, I'll post more, but it looks like I'll be having a bird themed art show thru the month of April in Phoenix!   This is the result of a gallery owner I'd worked with  before, coming to visit my studio.  I hauled out everything so he could see a pretty good range. The majority of my work anymore is birds, so it's not surprising that will be the theme! It's to be a 2-person show. I think I know who the 2nd person will be, but will wait until the gallery creates its own announcement before I say much more.

Recently, I was honored to have one of my paintings chosen as a purchase award by the Arizona Commission on the Arts Governors Arts Awards! There will be an awards ceremony in March at the Mesa Arts Center. About the awards: http://www.governorsartsawards.org/about-the-awards/  The painting is Birds in Wigs.

I had no idea selection for this was going on nor did I know how it worked. I was called one day by the Arts Commission's director, and asked to send him a few images of bird art that were within a certain price range. I did, and shortly, he informed me they were buying this one! That was followed by the documents etc that I needed to fill out. It was so nice of him to remember my work and contact me!

UPDATE 17 Mar. 2014, recent article on the awards: http://www.broadwayworld.com/phoenix/article/Tucson-Phoenix-and-Scottsdale-Artists-Selected-For-33RD-ANNUAL-GOVERNORS-ARTS-AWARDS-325-20140317#

Today, when I checked my email, there was a new blog post from Ask Harriete, ("I love your work and want to make one for myself"), an arts related blog I just recently started following.  From what I gather from her blog and a few others, apparently it's become fairly common now for workshops and paint parties to use artist's work without permission.  This is not flattering, and is not legal. I can't imagine why anyone operating a class, workshop, or party, would risk it.  http://askharriete.typepad.com/ask_harriete/2014/02/i-love-your-work-and-want-to-make-one-for-myself.html

And to end a post on a good note, (because infringement stuff never is), last I heard, the buyer of the 3-bird commissioned portrait was still thrilled with it! He bought Cardinal, too, and likewise has said he loves them. This is always good to hear!