04 May, 2014

Updating price list for available artworks; Reprints and now pillows

Return of the Killer Pink Bunny Rabbits
SHAKING UP THE SNOW GLOBE (i.e. making some changes)

My price list has a new home! Available works, with details and prices, can now be found here: http://cindyschnackel.wordpress.com/sale-current-price-lists/

The show in April was quite successful, creating a need for a vastly updated list.  The old one, which I'd kept on my redbubble site, was having technical difficulties, and it seems I can accomplish the same on Wordpress without tedious code stuff.

Just changed the background 'themes' on both of my blogs. Everything should still be in approximately the same place and easy to locate.  Please let me know if you notice anything isn't working!


Redbubble, the POD site I've been on now for 4 years, just started offering some new products. Many of them are various higher end type reprints, one option on metal. Anyone who has followed me over the last year knows I stopped selling reprints publicly due to an infringement problem, so I haven't had any feedback on these new type reprints.

Redbubble also offers throw pillows, new this week. Not being the home decor type, I drew a blank on what was meant by 'with insert' but 'cover only' was pretty obvious. If you buy a pillow be sure you choose the option you want, stuffed (insert) or unstuffed (cover only).  I understand it has a zipper. The cover alone may be a better value if you can get the insert locally for a few dollars, as the shipping of a stuffed pillow seems to be what really drives the total cost up!  JoAnnes is just one craft/fabric store that carries pillow inserts. (Not an endorsement.)

As for my offerings of pillows, I played around with the option a bit, and will offer just a few things and see how it goes. I really want to order one and see what they're like before I do much more. So far, Redbubble has not disappointed as far as product quality.