10 December, 2014

Changes coming for 2015

Our newest adopted family member


Above is our newest adoptee, as yet unnamed. We got her from Ginger's Parrot Rescue and we don't know how old she is, only that her former owner gave her up to someone who didn't really want a bird but felt obligated to take her in. He then contacted Ginger, who then contacted us.  In the pic, she's playing with the favorite toy she came with, and this is her first day in her new home. She is very sweet, fairly tame, and she was company for me today as I updated my web pages. By early-mid Jan 2015 she will have been thru the 'quarantine' and be able to meet our other birds, but so far no problems found by our vet, so we hope that all will go well with that! We had always had budgies but when our last one died a couple years ago, we didn't for awhile. It's good to have one again, I love their personalities and singing! Of course, I still love our other birds just as intensely, too! They know she's back here in this room, they just aren't sure yet if it's a real bird or a video from Facebook!


Tentatively planned art shows in January and April 2015.

In the former I may have only one piece, or maybe several small ones, not sure yet, nothing's firmed up.  The gallery owner liked the 'sample' pic I emailed her, so I'm encouraged that in the coming week I'll have definite pieces to commit to it.

For the April show, which will probably be a 2 person show like this year's was at R. Pela, I was asked to do it and am waiting for the printed schedule to even say for sure that it's April.

I won't be showing images until things are confirmed. I want the art itself to be seen at the shows and not be old hat by the time they open!

I've been remiss in trying to get into more shows.  Anyone who knows me thru art business discussions is aware I dislike vanity shows, and that I care about things like the contract, reputation of the gallery, whether they're insured, etc.  All that takes time to look into, and often the deadline just passes. Other times I don't think it's a good fit for my work.  Sometimes, if it's a themed show I may draw a blank until the deadline passes, then get a great idea! I'm not really a planner with art, since my method is more spontaneous and does not lend itself well to 'coming up with themed ideas' by a deadline!


Changes to the ways sites work will be affecting where best to find me in the coming year! I tend to use the sites that work well for me pretty heavily, and just keep the alternates on life support unless there's a reason to switch (again). Since sites do change, I try to adapt. It helps if the account is already here, and it certainly helps if I want to connect, follow, comment, etc, on another member's page.

One of the sites that is changing how artists and others can self promote is Facebook. You can read about it on Katherine Tyrrell's Making a Mark blog, she has posted more than once about it and goes into detail and provides links to back up what she's talking about. http://makingamark.blogspot.com/2014/11/marketing-communication-facebook-pages-2015.html

The simplest thing is to go to my Redbubble page and see the links there to sites I'm most active on (besides redbubble) at any given time, e.g. Facebook, Wordpress, etc. http://www.redbubble.com/people/cschnack

Me holding a mug made from one of my paintings.


Redbubble has added new products this year, mainly under the Home Decor category, such as throw pillows and mugs. I ordered some of them to ensure that they were good quality before making them for sale to the public. Happily, they are really nice, and above is a pic of me holding a mug made from a large and detailed painting. I felt this would be a good test of the print quality and it was. The ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe according to info on them.  They come in two sizes, the larger one having sloped sides. As you can see even the 'smaller' one is still a good size. Granted, I am a small person with small hands. The pillow covers are dry cleanable, and one of these days I'm going to throw mine in the washing machine and see what happens. I just haven't been able to make myself do it yet, because I like it, and don't want to risk ruining it, but eventually it's a part of reality testing I want to do, LOL!


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