12 December, 2016

Bloggers should be aware of new law

I'm still looking into it, but so far, copyright groups on Linked In where lawyers do most of the posting, are saying that even bloggers may have to register a DMCA agent w/the USCO now, if they allow 3rd party content, like comments. Though the law change also made the fee very low, it's a layer of 'stuff' I feel I don't need, especially on a blog I hardly use. So, I'm just going to go thru the settings til I find the way to turn off comments and leave it at that. Then, no 3rd party content, no need to add this task to my To Do list.

Sorry! I do enjoy comments. It's a weird change because most bloggers already are on a platform that HAS a DMCA agent. E.g. blogger and blogspot are hosted by Google so that's where people would send a DMCA takedown. Not sure if the purpose of this new law is to take responsibility off the big companies that do the hosting, or what. But it's bye bye comments til I find out more. I really don't want to BE a DMCA agent, and I sure as hell can't afford to hire one, especially since the chance of anyone posting infringing material in a comment that's moderated by me already is pretty much zero.


02 September, 2016

First and Third Friday Art Shows in September

Every first and third Friday of the month, there are a lot of art show receptions in downtown Phoenix. On Thursday nights, it's the Scottsdale art walk. There are other events in between or overlapping. There is always something going on for a person who wants to see art! I've had a fairly steady run of pieces in group shows and have mostly blogged about that over on my Wordpress blog. But, I thought I ought to put something here about my own shows today, even though I kind of keep this blog for other topics these days.

This month, I have a two person show at Olney Gallery, and two weeks later my solo show at {9} The Gallery opens! Both shows then run thru close to the end of Sept.

Here are the galleries' sites for more info on hours and contact:

Olney: http://trinitycathedral.com/?page_id=325

{9} The Gallery: http://9thegallery.com/

24 June, 2016

Chocolate Syrup "recipe"

© Cindy Schnackel 2016

Someone asked for my recipe for this impromptu vat of homemade chocolate syrup that I made and post a pic of the other day on Facebook. Since I rarely cook in the traditional sense, and when I do it's very spontaneous, recipes aren't usually involved. I cook much like I paint! Grabbing what's on hand and letting it evolve, they often start out as one thing and end up another. So here goes, as best I can recall: 


Take one nearly full bag of brown sugar that has turned hard as a rock. Pound with hammer until bag disintegrates 

Add a few tablespoons of water to try to resurrect it. Then, decide it is too wet and must be used immediately. 

Put in pan with vegan butter and/or coconut oil and cook over medium heat until you begin to be frightened that it'll burst into flames. 

Add about a cup of vegan milk (I had soy milk on hand). Stir and stir while it gets amazingly hot. 

Test it once in awhile, to see if it's "just before" that point where it'd turn into hard candy. I managed to avoid turning it into a block again. It was syrup, kind of like caramel. 

Add some vanilla since you know now it's not a failure. 

Then, why not add cocoa powder? Chocolate makes most things even better. 

Turn off heat and wait til it's below the temperature of fresh lava, and eat.

23 June, 2016

Long time, no update

I rarely use this blog to promote my art anymore, instead prefer to do that over at WP: https://cindyschnackel.wordpress.com/

Since I was posting some favorite copyright related links today, I thought I'd at least give a brief rundown. Last I posted about shows on THIS blog was about a year ago. I decided back then to reserve this blog for other issues. More details on what happened in between then and now are on my WP blog above!

Some Good Fan Art Links

After having been a member of a Print On Demand (POD) site for a few years, the topic of fan art came up frequently. I don't do it myself, but over the years have collected a number of good articles explaining why posting fan art on a site where it's for sale often results in removal for infringement. Most of these articles are very recent. If I find any more in the future I may add them here.


Lawyer written article on fan art: http://www.gurwinskeyboard.com/fan-art-tribute-or-tribulation/

Video Game Fan Art Initiative: http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/01/20/redbubble-launches-video-game-fan-art-initiative

Star Trek guidelines for Fan Films: http://www.startrek.com/fan-films

Fan art article re: copyright and trademark. https://sandpaperdaisy.com/2015/11/24/should-you-respect-copyright/

Fan Art and Copyright: http://graphicleftovers.com/blog/fan-art-vs-copyright-infringement-legal/

Fan Art article by attorney, specifically about conventions: http://www.sethpolanskylaw.com/2016/06/10/intellectual-property-the-wrath-of-cons/

11 January, 2016

Other artists' chicken art!

Just a reminder that in addition to my own wordpress art blog, about my art, I have a wordpress blog about OTHER artists' work, at least if their art is about chickens! That blog is called Found A Chicken, because wherever I go, I notice chickens. Whether they're real ones, in art, on signs, or just a vague chicken shape in a cloud, my chicken radar sees them.

After a few months of neglecting Found A Chicken, I again took it up this week and have a couple more artists in line to feature soon.

This week I featured the art of Claudia Hall O'Driscoll: https://foundachicken.wordpress.com/

My art is here: https://cindyschnackel.wordpress.com/  I've set up a domain name I bought years ago to default to this blog now, but that may change when/if I set up a "real" website some day. In the meantime, I'm questioning whether it is really all that important that I have a separate site. The domain name is: www.bycindy.com and because it's similar but not the same as my art email address, I have often given it out wrongly as arbycindy but it's just bycindy.

06 January, 2016

Favorite Intellectual Property Law Related Links

Intellectual Property information, especially copyright.

"False Creative Commons" https://www.plagiarismtoday.com/2013/06/11/the-problem-with-false-creative-commons-licenses/

"Copyright Myths" http://libguides.trumbull.kent.edu/content.php?pid=465045&sid=3811281

"Fan Art and Copyright" http://graphicleftovers.com/blog/fan-art-vs-copyright-infringement-legal/

"Public Domain Sherpa" http://publicdomainsherpa.com/

"Orphan Works, United Kingdom" (does not exist in many countries) http://copyrightuser.org/topics/orphan-works/

"Trademark Parody" http://www.lfiplaw.com/articles/trademark_parody.htm

"Publicity Rights (using the likeness of a person e.g. celebrity art)" https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/Publicity

"Make a Secure Watermark"  https://www.plagiarismtoday.com/2013/08/01/how-to-ensure-your-watermarks-are-secure/

"Find and Remove Infringements of Your Work"  http://www.redbubble.com/people/cschnack/journal/7750976-art-theft-copyright-infringement-find-it-act-on-it

"Safe Harbor and DMCA requirements" https://www.rcfp.org/browse-media-law-resources/digital-journalists-legal-guide/protection-infringing-material-posted-oth

"Criminal Infringement" http://www.justice.gov/usam/criminal-resource-manual-1847-criminal-copyright-infringement-17-usc-506a-and-18-usc-2319