11 January, 2016

Other artists' chicken art!

Just a reminder that in addition to my own wordpress art blog, about my art, I have a wordpress blog about OTHER artists' work, at least if their art is about chickens! That blog is called Found A Chicken, because wherever I go, I notice chickens. Whether they're real ones, in art, on signs, or just a vague chicken shape in a cloud, my chicken radar sees them.

After a few months of neglecting Found A Chicken, I again took it up this week and have a couple more artists in line to feature soon.

This week I featured the art of Claudia Hall O'Driscoll: https://foundachicken.wordpress.com/

My art is here: https://cindyschnackel.wordpress.com/  I've set up a domain name I bought years ago to default to this blog now, but that may change when/if I set up a "real" website some day. In the meantime, I'm questioning whether it is really all that important that I have a separate site. The domain name is: www.bycindy.com and because it's similar but not the same as my art email address, I have often given it out wrongly as arbycindy but it's just bycindy.