24 June, 2016

Chocolate Syrup "recipe"

© Cindy Schnackel 2016

Someone asked for my recipe for this impromptu vat of homemade chocolate syrup that I made and post a pic of the other day on Facebook. Since I rarely cook in the traditional sense, and when I do it's very spontaneous, recipes aren't usually involved. I cook much like I paint! Grabbing what's on hand and letting it evolve, they often start out as one thing and end up another. So here goes, as best I can recall: 


Take one nearly full bag of brown sugar that has turned hard as a rock. Pound with hammer until bag disintegrates 

Add a few tablespoons of water to try to resurrect it. Then, decide it is too wet and must be used immediately. 

Put in pan with vegan butter and/or coconut oil and cook over medium heat until you begin to be frightened that it'll burst into flames. 

Add about a cup of vegan milk (I had soy milk on hand). Stir and stir while it gets amazingly hot. 

Test it once in awhile, to see if it's "just before" that point where it'd turn into hard candy. I managed to avoid turning it into a block again. It was syrup, kind of like caramel. 

Add some vanilla since you know now it's not a failure. 

Then, why not add cocoa powder? Chocolate makes most things even better. 

Turn off heat and wait til it's below the temperature of fresh lava, and eat.