02 September, 2016

First and Third Friday Art Shows in September

Every first and third Friday of the month, there are a lot of art show receptions in downtown Phoenix. On Thursday nights, it's the Scottsdale art walk. There are other events in between or overlapping. There is always something going on for a person who wants to see art! I've had a fairly steady run of pieces in group shows and have mostly blogged about that over on my Wordpress blog. But, I thought I ought to put something here about my own shows today, even though I kind of keep this blog for other topics these days.

This month, I have a two person show at Olney Gallery, and two weeks later my solo show at {9} The Gallery opens! Both shows then run thru close to the end of Sept.

Here are the galleries' sites for more info on hours and contact:

Olney: http://trinitycathedral.com/?page_id=325

{9} The Gallery: http://9thegallery.com/