12 December, 2016

Bloggers should be aware of new law

I'm still looking into it, but so far, copyright groups on Linked In where lawyers do most of the posting, are saying that even bloggers may have to register a DMCA agent w/the USCO now, if they allow 3rd party content, like comments. Though the law change also made the fee very low, it's a layer of 'stuff' I feel I don't need, especially on a blog I hardly use. So, I'm just going to go thru the settings til I find the way to turn off comments and leave it at that. Then, no 3rd party content, no need to add this task to my To Do list.

Sorry! I do enjoy comments. It's a weird change because most bloggers already are on a platform that HAS a DMCA agent. E.g. blogger and blogspot are hosted by Google so that's where people would send a DMCA takedown. Not sure if the purpose of this new law is to take responsibility off the big companies that do the hosting, or what. But it's bye bye comments til I find out more. I really don't want to BE a DMCA agent, and I sure as hell can't afford to hire one, especially since the chance of anyone posting infringing material in a comment that's moderated by me already is pretty much zero.